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Krushna Sudama

Krushna Sudama

Kahare kiese - Chitta Ranjan Jena (Shibabrata Das)
Hrudaya bhari mora baje khali - Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Manoranjan Hota)
Chhota mora e ghara - Vani Jairam (Shibabrata Das)
Tiki mora na’a tie - Bhubaneswari Mishra (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
Dhara dhara hoi - Md. Sikandar Alam (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
Ekare aneka - Md. Sikandar Alam (Shibabrata Das)
Asa pura kamini - P. Sushila (Shibabrata Das)
Naba ghana barana - P. Sushila (Kali Charan Pattanayak) 

Krushna Sudama

Krushna Sudama Poster
Krushna Sudama Poster

Released on: 14th May 1976 at Durga Talkies, Cuttack
Directed by: Nitai Palit
Produced by: Prafulla Misra, Prashant Nanda
Production Co: New Life Pictures
Music: Prafulla Kar
Lyrics: Kali Charan Pattanayak, Narayan Prasad Singh
  • Shanti Swaroop as Krushna
  • Govind Tej as Sudama
  • Tripura Misra as Sumati
  • Anita Das as Rukmuni
  • Dhira Biswal as Bhupati
  • Namrata Das
  • Prashant Nanda as Kashia
  • Jairam Samal as Kapila
Genre: Mythological
Plot: Unavailable
  • Dhara Dhara Hoi (Singers: Pranab Patnaik, Chitta Jena)
  • Aa Re Mita Aa Sangata (Singers: Pranab Patnaik, Sikandar Alam)
  • Dekhi Se Bana Malli (Singers: Chitta Jena, S. Janaki)
  • He Bhai He Bhai He (Singer: Prafulla Kar)
  • He Mora Babu He (Singers: Sikandar Alam, Chitta Jena, P. Sushila)
  • He Phaguna Kandana Re (Singer: P. Sushila)
  • Mun Ta Manisha Marini (Singer: Sikandar Alam)
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Reference: IMDB, Odia Music
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