Friday, November 14, 2014


(1977 ) Sharat Pujari (Subodh Samal - Gouri Films - I)

Kathatie kahun Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik (Binodini Debi)
Bhinoi babu Gita Pattnaik,Akshaya Mohanty (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
Sata daria pari re boita bhasi ja Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
Baina, Chaina Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, Sujit (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
Jaya ma Mangala Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik, others (Binodini Debi)

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