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Sahari bagha

Sahari bagha

Year 1985 | Odia Movie Database
Sahari Bagha.

Sahari bagha - OdiaClub.Com
A to Z odia movie song. Sahari bagha. Aaji mun pieni.mp3 (2.72 MB). Chuti aaji officer.mp3 (2.58 MB). Jhamelaru suruhue.mp3 (2.01 MB). Mun katki  ...

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» Se Tara Nai Kahini (Various)

Sahari Bagha (1985) - IMDb
 Rating: 5.5/10 - ‎6 votes
Sahari Bagha (1985). Action - 1 October 1985 (India)

Odia Cinema World: Oriya Film produced during 1985 in Orissa ...
Aug 3, 2010 - Oriya Film : Sahari Bagha Director : Mahamad Mahsin Actor : Uttam Mohanty, Bijay mohanty. Actress : Aparajita Mohanty Oriya Film : Shankha  ...

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Oriya Calendar · Places of Orissa. OLD ORIYA FILM SONGS. Rupa Sagadire... Film :JAGA HATARE ... Film : SAHARI BAGHA Mu Paradesi Chadhei... Film :  ...

All time hit collections of Oriya Film, Albums
All time hits collections of Oriya Film and Album Hits. Displayed rows: 50 ... Sahari Bagha ( All songs from this movie ), play these songs. Samar Selim Simon ( All  ...

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