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Chilika tire

Chilika tire

Sulusulia chulubulia chaiti baa re Nirmala Mishra & Basant Das
Jagata pati he 
Urmi Adhira Rupasi Chilika Ullase Aji Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
Majhi… Uansa Rati Pahila Majhi Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
Pimpudi Bapuda Chitta Jena & Indrani Mishra

  • Sulusulia chulubulia- Oriya song film Chilika Tire - YouTube
    Nov 7, 2011 - Uploaded by 69subhendra
    Sulusulia chulubulia- Oriya song film Chilika Tire. 69subhendra. Subscribe ...
  • Chilika Tire.wmv - YouTube
    Apr 9, 2011 - Uploaded by mahapatra1000
    Movie: Chilika Teere,Music: Santanu mahapatra Sung by: Pranab pattnaik.
    1. Odisha: New wave in Odia cinema
      Biplab Ray Chaudhuri raised incisive questions about corruption and exploitation in Oriya society in hisChilika Tire (1978), but despite the ...

    OdiaKhati.In:: Chilika Tire
    Chilika Tire (2015). Album: Chilika Tire (2015). Singer: OdiaKhati.In. Tracks: 8. Released: 2015-02-17.

    The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Orissa | Reality bites into ...
    Jun 29, 2010 - Biplab Ray Chaudhary's Chilika Tire (1977), Aranya Rodana (1993) and Nirbanchana (1995) made an indelible impact on Indian cinema and  ...

    Classic movie 'Chilika Tire' screened at Jaydev Bhawan - The Pioneer
    Monday, 25 May 2015 | SEFALI SUMAN | BHUBANESWAR - The Film Journalists’ Forum (FJF), in its eighth Smruti Chhaya series of showcasing the classics of Odia cinema, screened classic film Chilika Tire at the Jaydev Bhawan here on Saturday. Directed by Biplab Ray Choudhury, the film had been released in 1978.  Bijay Mohanty plays in the lead role opposite Tandra Ray. With the performances of top actors like Netranand Mishra, Manju Pradhan, Hemanta Das and Sujata Anand, the music of the film is very popular.
    Eminent personalities associated with this film were honoured on this occasion.
    Singers and music composers of the movie Pranab Kishore Patnaik, Prafulla Kar and Shantanu Mohapatra were also felicitated on the occasion. The story of the President’s award winning film Chilika Tire is based on the life of fishermen community and conspiracy of a village tout. A booklet on the film was also released on the occasion. FJF secretary Surya Deo explained the objective of the forum and how they recovered the damaged reel of the film. Deba Prasad Das coordinated the programme.

    Odia Melody - The movie print of ''Chilika Teere'' has been restored by Flm Journalist Forum and will have a public screening at Jayadev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar on 23rd May' 2015  at 6 PM. We all look forward to screening of ''Sindura Bindu'' by the Forum in near future.

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