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Odia Movie Full || Devajani || Uttam Mohanty,Shrabani Roy ...

May 4, 2015 - Uploaded by Odia Movie Full
The movie Devajani was directed by Byomkesh Tripathi and star cast of Uttam Mohanty, Shrabani Roy ...

Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Pa - YouTube

Aug 25, 2014 - Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Pa · Yesudas · Vani Jairam · Others Devjani ℗ Saregama India Limited Released on: ...

Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Pa - Devjani (Oriya, 1980) - KJ Yesudas ...

Aug 5, 2014 - Uploaded by sibin vk
V.K Song: Ni Sa Ga Ma Paa Paa Movie: Devjani (1980) Language: ... Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Pa - Devjani ...

Kali Je Ratire - YouTube

Aug 25, 2014 - Uploaded by Various Artists - Topic
Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Kali Je Ratire · Not Applicable Devjani ℗ Saregama India Limited ...

Aho Aho Balike - YouTube

Aug 27, 2014 - Uploaded by #PrafullaKar
Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Aho Aho Balike · Prafulla Kar Devjani ℗ Saregama India Limited ...

Om Santi Om Santi - YouTube

Aug 27, 2014 - Uploaded by #SikandarAlam
Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Om Santi Om Santi · Sikandar Alam Devjani ℗ Saregama India ...

Sephali Jaana Jhari - YouTube

Aug 25, 2014 - Uploaded by Various Artists - Topic
Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Sephali Jaana Jhari · Not Applicable Devjani ℗ Saregama India ...

Sukhara Sapana - YouTube

Aug 25, 2014 - Uploaded by #VaniJairam
Provided to YouTube by Sa Re Ga Ma Sukhara Sapana · Vani Jairam · Others Devjani ℗ Saregama India ...
 Track List (Play All)
 Devjani (Arati Misra) Om Santi Om Santi (Sikandar Alam) Kali Je Ratire (Vani Jairam, Arati Misra) Sephali Jaana Jhari (Vani Jairam) Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Pa (Vani Jairam) Aho Aho Balike (Prafulla Kar) Sukhara Sapana (Vani Jairam) Play All

Year 1981 | Odia Movie Database

DebajaniDebajani Audio Artwork. Released on: 10 April 1981 at Hind Cinema, Cuttack ... Production Co: Shri Shri Akhandalamani Odia Film Co-op. Society


Released on: 10 April 1981 at Hind Cinema, Cuttack
Screenplay, Dialogue & Direction: Byomkesh Tripathi
Production Co: Shri Shri Akhandalamani Odia Film Co-op. Society
Art: Budha Moharana
Camera: KS Prasad
Music: Prafulla Kar
Lyrics: Prafulla Kar
Singers: Vani Jayram, Chitta Jena, Pranab Pattnaik, Prafulla Kar
Cast: Chakrapani, Ajit Das, Rama Pratihari, Byomkesha, Shrabani, Jyotsna, Purnima, Nirmala, Shanti, Manju
Genre: Social, Drama
Note: Budha Moharana & Vani Jayram awarded with Best Art Direction & Best Playback Singer(Female) in State Film Awards for the year 1981.
Plot: Unavailable
Reference: Odia Chalachitra Ra Agyat Adhyaya by Bhim Singh

Katha Chitra

The Odia Movie Database

Item song icing - The Telegraph

Oct 10, 2012 - While actress Debjani was seen shaking her booty to the lyrics of ... The frequency of these numbers affirms that the Odia film industry has no  ...

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