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Bati ghara

Bati ghara 

Seema hina daria sathi hina dunia Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
Hayre mote kalia naga dansi delare
Kara kshamare

Bati Ghara

Released on: 1st April 1976 at Grand Cinema, Cuttack
Directed by: Abhiyatirk
Produced by: Jayant Kumar
Production Co: Abhiyatirk Productions
Music: Prafulla Kar
Cast: Preeti Ganguli, Sadhu Meher, Prashant Nanda
Genre: Social, Drama
Note: The director of this movie is Abhiyatirk which is a actually a group of five directors, namely, Anant Mohapatra, Sadhu Meher, Byomkesh Tripathy, Ashu Dutt & Jayant Kumar.
Plot: Unavailable
  • Haere Mote Kalia Naga (Singer: Chitta Jena, Shipra Bose) (Lyrics: Prafulla Kar)
  • Seemahina Daria (Singer: Pranab Patnaik) (Lyrics: Shibabrata Das)
  • Kara Kshayma Re (Singer: Prafulla Kar) (Lyrics: Shibabrata Das)
Reference: IMDBOdia Music
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