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Manasi. Released on: 27 Nov 1981 at Prabhat Cinema, Cuttack Screenplay, Direction: Malay Mitra

Hey Bhagate Arey Mun Geeta Gaibi Tikie ( Year : ). Film : Manasi, Singer(s) : Prafulla Kar & Chorus. 


Released on: 27 Nov 1981 at Prabhat Cinema, Cuttack
Screenplay, Direction: Malay Mitra
Produced by: Jayant Kumar
Production Co: Abhiyatrik Productions
Story: Bimal Sadhu
Dialogues: Kumar Anand
Camera: Ashu Dutt
Music: Prafulla Kar
Lyrics: Prafulla Kar, Gokulananda Parida
Cast: Shriram Panda, Samuel Sahu (Babi), Radha Panda, Shyamalendu, Swaroop Naik, Soudamini, Tripura Mishra
Genre: Social, Drama
Plot: Made with a budget of Rs. 110,000.
  • Hey Bhagate Arey Mun Geeta Gaibi Tikie (Singers: Prafulla Kar, Chorus)
  • Kie Se Priya Kahin Prema (Singer: Debashish Mohapatra)
Reference: Odia Chalachitra Ra Agyat Adhyaya by Bhim Singh,Odia Music

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