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Odia Chhabi - Odia Movies

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A great collection really!! Please review and correct few mistakes there in. Thanks & Regards... on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Anonymous on 21/10/14

Our Indian Culture is to evolve a 'Maharsee' (Great-Saint) from a 'Dasyu' (Robber) ant that is the great lesson of this film 'Dasyu Ratnaakara'. Please provide more details of this posting. Thanks for this posting. Tripathy. on Maya maya maya dekhuchhu ja khali
Anonymous on 21/10/14

Thank you very much for the lyrics of such a beautiful song.... thanks a lot..... on Jochhana luchana dura nila gagane
P. Sahu on 20/10/14

The attempt to remind us of the beginning of movie production in Orissa is laudable. The beginners of Oriya movie making are great, whether or not they are Oriya people. Madhusudan Rao was not Oriya, so what? He was not great? Somewhere I read an article that Oriya should produce, direct, photograph and act in their movies. This attitude is very low. This is meanness. Art and meanness dont go together. J. Patnaik. on Nila sindhu tire nila achala Anonymous on 12/10/14

Some intelligent persons have taken the pains to record the earliest Oriya movies produced by great minds of then Orissa. Sita Bibaha was the first movie. Then Lalita, Sri Jagannath, Rolls 2-8, etc etc the movies rolled on. In those days arranging funds, accessing technology at Calcutta (the only place), training artists and all paraphernalia was no joke. A person like me who had access to producers, directors and movie editings and screenings can realise. I love the persons who have created this site. J. Patnaik. on Rangi dhana kie luti neichi lo bata re
Anonymous on 11/10/14

Can u provide the lyrics in english please i cannot read oriya.... U cn email at on Nida bhara rati madhu jhara janha
Sumit on 17/09/14

I love this song very much... on Mayabini ei rati ekakini jae biti
Rasmi on 05/08/14

Can you please post lyrics of Jharaa Phula Jharijaae.. same film on Tumari priti nei nayanu luha jhare
Rasmi on 05/08/14

Wow its amaizin to get its lyrics, evn though in odiya. bt really appreciable! great thanx..... on Jochhana luchana dura nila gagane
Dave on 30/07/14

kindly upload the original song for people to listen on Mane bhari abhimana
Anonymous on 17/07/14

No, you are mistaken. Many download sites have wrongly included this song under Amada bata. on Mo mana bina ra tare he abujha muruchhana in response to by Anonymous.
Tusar Nath Mohapatra on 20/10/13

Just loved this nostalgia. This is my favorite song . --Sudipta on Nida bhara rati madhu jhara janha
Sudipta on 16/03/13

Dear Surya Sir, I had referred some of your articles on the evolution of Odia Movie & its songs including Jhara Mana Jhura Geeta & Odia Chalachitra Rupa Rupantara. Its a must for all those who love old Odia movie songs. Apart from minor errors, its really informative. Plz share your mail id. And, this blog by Mr Tushar Mohapatra is a great effort. taranisen pattnaik on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
in response to great, but some mistakes i found, if possible please correct it suryadeo bhubaneswar, by Anonymous.
Taranisen Pattnaik on 02/03/13

humsachihai on 22/11/12

The Lyricist of this song "Tike Ruhana Rahi Jauna" (film Abhinetri) is RASARAJ NARAYAN PRASAD SINGH not Debdas Chhotray. Please see the 'episode Memoray Lane' of "OTV" Odia of 29.09.2012. This may Kindly be rectified. rrd on Aha ruha na rahi jaa na ahe majanu
Anonymous on 11/10/12

is the song available...if so I am interested to get it...:) on Ratha ja chali ja chaka
Satpathy PK on 17/09/12

Thank you for this great work. on Bhula mana mane ta kebe rakhana
Dev on 24/05/12

FJF is going to screen Chilika Tire on 22nd or 23rd of April (Contact: Shri Surya Deo ) on Sata daria pari re boita
Tusar N. Mohapatra on 15/04/12

Sir, thanks for the music and movie picture of Tapoi. Wish to watch this movie but don't know from where I can get the CD. on Sata daria pari re boita
Bijaylaxmi on 15/04/12

The change from Oriya to Odia has definitely transformed the original to some different morphology.Where are ORISSA OR ODISHA people? on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Anonymous on 26/03/12

Amaresh Chandra Das on 15/03/12

can somebody give link for hai madabhara akhi.... on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
naimish on 13/02/12

Many many thanks to collect above oriya films name. on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
rajendranarayan on 14/06/11

GR8 MANY THANKS SOME LINKS DONT WORK. PC on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Anonymous on 22/03/11

Many thanks for your sincere endeavours in collecting Old Odia Film Songs. A very nice anthology. Harekrishna Meher on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Dr.Harekrishna Meher on 03/06/10

Anonymous on 12/04/10

great, but some mistakes i found, if possible please correct it suryadeo bhubaneswar on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita 1 replies.
Anonymous on 20/11/09

I feel so great Gyanendra Kumar Panda on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Anonymous on 27/10/09

I astonished when the details of old odia chalchitra to lookafter some one made this effot to do this. PRIYABRATA MISHRA PRODUCER, CAMERAMAN. on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita 
Anonymous on 15/05/09

I was quite fascianted about the collection; its nice to have such a list of oriya films and the best part of it to get them at a shot. on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
sekhar on 30/10/08

Hi, this is really very nice collection of data of oriya movies and songs. If somebody thinks there is some mistake, pls. correct it as a volunter, so that everybody knows it... Thanks again for the efforts. on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Anonymous on 30/07/08

hi, It's great to find a complete listing of oriya films here on your blog. But the authenticity of the list is questionable. Compared to other sources there are some discripancies. As a film enthusiast and part of my research work i'm little apprehensive about this listing. Still thanks a lot for providing such an exhaustive list of oriya films yearwise. cheers' on Old Odia Film Songs: Odia Katha-chitra Gita
Sahas on 20/05/08

Dear Sir, Many many thanks. With this lyrics U have taken me to my rainbow days in my village. Got the lyrics. But where is the songs? If U have recordings I would request to share. Kindly. Regards. on Ranga nuhen se indra-dhanu-ra
Bijoy Patnaik on 06/11/14

A rare collection... on Dharitri (Odia Movie: 1973)
Subhransu Panda on 24/03/12

Tusar N. Mohapatra on 21/11/11

Sir, could you please upload the posters of individual films.That will be a good help in archiving it . on Old Odia movie brochure-covers
Alok Ranjan Nayak on 28/09/11

dharitri, the great film , debut film of sriram panda, and debut music of upendra kumar, thanks nihar babu , thanks a lot for preserving the golden nostalgia... Surya DEO on Dharitri (Odia Movie: 1973)
surya deo on 14/06/11
pl. upload dharitri, paribara, kulachandrama, a nuhen kahani & pouarmilana brochure surya deo on Old Odia movie brochure-covers
surya deo on 26/05/11
my regards thanks for your collection surya deo on Old Odia movie brochure-covers

Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami
Sita bibaha 1934
Ehi je ashrama dekhuchhu Sri Rama
Bitala-ku alingana kari Janhabi shobhana 
Makhan lal Banerjee Lyrics: Upendra Bhanja

Kali Charan Pattanayak
Lalita (1948) Kali Charan Pattanayak

Ranajit Rai & Balakrushna Dash
Shri Jagannatha 1950
Rolls 2-8 1951
Udaya Nath Sahu
Sapta-sajya 1951
Ananta Pattanayak

Kali Charan Pattanayak & Udaya Nath Sahu
Nari 1963
Kali Charan Pattanayak
Baidya nath Rai
Amari gan jhua 1953
(Bhubaneswar Mishra & Balakrushna Dash)
Kedar Gouri 1954
Bhai Bhai 1955
Satyen Chatterjee
Nachiketa Ghosh
Mahalakshmi Puja 1959
Jaga barada go Sandhya mukherjee
Mora mana sina kehi jane-na Sandhya mukherjee
Chandan, Raghunath Panigrahi & Radhamani Mohapatra
Sri Sri Patitapabana 1963
Harihar Mishra

Balakrushna Dash
Sri Lokanatha 1960 
Fula rasia re mana mora chhuin chhuin ja ja Sandhya mukherjee (Narasingha Mohapatra)
Chahen na michha e bandhana chahen na Pranab Kishor Pattanaik & Nirmala Mishra (Narashingh Mohapatra)
Tu ki para deshi nija deshe Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
Dasyu Ratnakara 1961
Jayadeba 1962
Jamuna nai-re pani Pranab Kishor Pattanaik ??
Lakshmi 1962 
Au chanda lagi kumuda jhura na Sandhya mukherjee
Bakula bane Sandhya Mukherjee
Barida-re Md. Sikandar Alam 
Arata sure bare Md. Sikandar Alam

    Nuabou 1962 
    Ratha ja chali ja chaka gadi ja re Swayam Prabha Sarangi
    Bhula mana mane ta kebe rakhana Shyamamani Pattnaik
    Dil debi dil debi re basaibi nei tote Md. Sikandar Alam & Shipra Bose
    Aha gunj uthe sahnai re Md. Sikandar Alam
    Na uthana
    Manikajodi 1963 
    [YouTube Odia Movie....'Manika Jodi' (1964)]
    Pirati pirati e je pirati mana ki ba chhapi rahe Shipra Bose, Nirmala Mishra (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Akhi bhula e suaga au kaha kahinki Md. Sikandar Alam, Shipra Bose (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
    Nua hoi bohu ti jae bapa ghara Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Mo mana bina ra tare he abujha muruchhana Nirmala Mishra (Jibanananda Pani)
    Kuanra punei janha lo fula baula beni Sukhalata Mohanty, Bina Mohanty (Jibanananda Pani)
    Dure tume dure dure dukhi mana kalapana pare Nirmala Mishra (Pramod Kumar Panigrahi)
    Ja ja ja ja jare ja mana chora bhaanra tu Md. Sikandar Alam, Shipra Bose (Pramod Kumar Panigrahi)
    Mara na akhi chhuri re malini mu chanda gori re Md. Sikandar Alam, Shipra Bose (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
    Jiban sathi 1963
    Kete je fula mo bane kete je sura mo gane Shipra Bose (Jibanananda Pani)
    Bohu saji mu asichhi ho mo pada padu nahin banka Shipra Bose (Guru Krishna Goswami)
    E ranga e nisha lage aji mane kie ajana Nirmala Mishra (Guru Krishna Goswami)
    Kie dake re maya jage re nua nua lage Nirmala Mishra, Md. Sikandar Alam (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Malati bane hasila re base ali asila Nirmala Mishra (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Sathi re eka lage ati mane kete tati Nirmala Mishra (Jibanananda Pani)
    Sadhana 1964
    Amada bata1964
    E ta kali kala riti biparita bhai re Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
    Jibana jamuna re juara uthe re Nirmala Mishra (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Mo mana nache Sandhya mukherjee ??
    Dele dhara katha sare thae maja dure Md. Sikandar Alam, Arati Mukherjee
    Naba janma 1965
    Sabu-thiru banchita kari keun Raghunath Panigrahi
    Ei lagane mo mana bujhe na mane jagichhi Nirmala Mishra (Jitendra Patnaik)
    E dina sundara
    Mali dhap-lo
    Abhinetri 1965
    Aha ruha na rahi jaa na ahe majanu Md. Sikandar Alam, Nirmala Mishra
    Ame hasiba ame hasai jiba Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
    Jane jane go Radhika Sandhya mukherjee 
    Marama tale atita je marena Balakrushna Dash
    Bhai bhauja 1967
    Jali-jae dahana dipali jali-jae Manna Dey (Narayan Prasad Singh)
    Swapna bhara shyama shasya kedare Jay jaban jay kisan
    Adina megha 1969
    Alapa hasa re aneka asha ra ishara paili bandhu Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, Md. Sikandara Alam
    Jochhana luchana dura nila gagane Nirmala Mishra (Narayan Prasad Singh)

    De re bindhani bhai Bhikari Bala, Md. Sikandar Alam & Nandita (Narayan Prasad Singh)

    Sankha mahuri 1978
    Asa priyatama rushi rushi Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
    Sathi-re ama giti-re Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
    Ratani gaja gamani tu lo bani-ja Shekhar Ghosh
    Nirashe Jibana Mo Bitila (Singer: Vani Jayaram)

    Sri Krushna rasalila 1979
    He priya charushila Bhikari Bala
    Mathura Bijaya 1979
    Dukha bhanjana
    Kie asere
    Hase-re Nanda kole Gobinda
    Akala makala
    Chhada chhada Shekhar Ghosh & Vani Jayaram
    Prafulla Kar
    Are babu Shyama-ghana
    Kete baja-a bainshi-re

      Jayadeba 1987
      Rati Sukha Sare (Singers: Balakrushna Dash, Trupti Das) 

      Chandan Charchita (Singers: Shekhar Ghosh, Balakrushna Dash)
      Badasi Jadi Kichidipi (Singers: Shekhar Ghosh, Balakrushna Dash)
      Kasturi Tilakam (Singers: Shekhar Ghosh, Balakrushna Dash)
        Bhubaneswara Mishra

        Ma 1958
        Dhire dhire chale rai bane raha chahin Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Gori gori gori ago nila pari Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Jete akhi thila babu suna suna Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Bedana sagara tire udasi mun Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Mun je bhasi sapane Nirmala Mishra ??
        Parinama 1960
        Matira manisha 1967
        Udi gale gendalia jhadi dele para Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Rama bibha kare ho Lakhana para jati Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Bandhana 1969 [YouTube Odia Movie...'Bandhan' (1969) ]
        Aa janha mamun sharada sashi Nirmala Mishra
        E nila akhi nila jale bhasana isara re mana mina m... Pranab Patnaik & Nirmala Mishra (Narashingh Mohapatra)
        Na na na na na re mana mari de na Md. Sikandar Alam, Shipra Bose (Narashingh Mohapatra)
        Sabi sabi tu ta mora nali pana bibi Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Ma Kalijai lo akasha-re Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Krushna Sudama
        Kaha-re, kie-se Chitta Ranjan Jena (Shibabrata Das)
        Hrudaya bhari mora baje khali Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Manoranjan Hota)
        Chhota mora e ghara Vani Jayram (Shibabrata Das)
        Tiki mora na’a-tie Bhubaneswari Mishra (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
        Dhara dhara hoi Md. Sikandar Alam (Kali Charan Pattanayak)
        Eka-re aneka Md. Sikandar Alam (Shibabrata Das)
        Asa pura kamini P. Sushila (Shibabrata Das)
        Naba ghana barana P. Sushila (Kali Charan Pattanayak) 

        Samaya (Jan 29, 1976 at Sriya) Ganesh Mohapatra (Kailash Dash - Sonali Productions - 1st partly coloured)
        Sajani-re kahin gale Shyama Suman Kalyanpur
        Re priya mora Mukesh
        Ki gita gaibi karama Suman Kalyanpur
        Nilachale prabhu Suman/Asha [?]

        Gapa hele bi sata (1976) Nagen Ray (Subimal Chandra Mallik - Swati Films - 1st coloured)
        Sathi-re ja kahi mun je jane-na Suman Kalyanpur (Guru Krishna Goswami)
        E bana-ra chhai jahin prathama prema Amit Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur (Guru Krishna Goswami)
        E mora dost jibana-ku kari-dele Amit Kumar (Guru Krishna Goswami)
        Hun hun ka baijhulia gita-re Suman Kalyanpur (Guru Krishna Goswami)
        Jaya jadu nandana Radhika Suman Kalyanpur (Guru Krishna Goswami)

        Shantanu Mahapatra
        Suryamukhi 1963 [YouTube Odia Movie....'Surjyamukhi' (1965) ]
        Sei chuna chuna tara fula aji kie chumi chumi gala... Lata Mangeshkar (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Sei nila pari deshe jahin chandrama hase Md. Sikandar Alam, Nirmala Mishra
        Antare kande bahare hase mun Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Niladri bihari hari Pranab Kishor Pattanaik 
        Bandhu-re ... dunia-re samaya-ra nai Manna Dey (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Abhimanini... mana teji aji saje Raghunath Panigrahi 
        Ya kundendu tushara hara dhabala Raghunath Panigrahi 
        Namami Bighnaraja
        Shyama gale madhu-pure
        Dekhiba para asa-re
        Mayuri go tuma akashe mu dine Mohd. Rafi
        Tuma-ku paruni-ta bhuli Mohd. Rafi
        Ei chhota katha ti bhula na bhala pai Pranab Pattanaik, Usha Mangeshkar (Gurukrushna Goswami)
        Aji mu shrabani luha ra harini Lata Mangeshkar (Jibanananda Pani)

        Chilika tire
        Ja ja re bhasi ja mana pabana nauka Nirmala Mishra 
        Sulusulia chulubulia chaiti baa re Nirmala Mishra & Basant Das
        Jagata pati he 
        Urmi Adhira Rupasi Chilika Ullase Aji Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
        Majhi… Uansa Rati Pahila Majhi Pranab Kishore Pattnaik
        Pimpudi Bapuda Chitta Jena & Indrani Mishra
        Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Malajanha 1965
        E ranga rahiba nahin Pranab Patnaik, Sikandar Alam, Nirmala Mishra & Chorus (Narashingh Mohapatra)
        Galani ta gala katha re sangata Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Rakata tala mala khaira pancha pala Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Narashingh Mohapatra)
        Mora antara mandire rahi Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Mun ta kula-ru heli bahara Pranab Kishor Pattanaik

        Kie kahara 1968
        Fulei rani saja fula gulugulia Akshaya Mohanty, Shipra Bose
        Hema harini matha ra mani kara na rani Nirmala Mishra, Shipra Bose
        Hai mada-bhari akhi gala ishara-re daki Shyamal Mitra
        Chakori jhara na luha e jochhana rate Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Debadas Chhotaray)
        Udi udi udi udi ja re udi Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Sansar 1970
        Alo kala sari kie tora sua Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik
        Jage jibana re sabuja sapana suneli sapana Akshaya Mohanty, Romi & Lalbibi
        Dheu dheuka pahada tale anka banka nai Akshaya Mohanty, Nirmala Mishra
        Na-kara na-kara mana tile bhabana Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Akhi ra kajala luha re libhila Indrani Mukherjee (Sharada Prasanna Nayak)
        Ghara bahuda (1973) Sona Mukherjee
        Eka eka mane mane sajaichhi mu gopane Nirmala Mishra (Narasingha Mohapatra)
        Mana-ra shamuka buke ghumae Trupti Das, Akshaya Mohanty (Narasingha Mohapatra)
        Tora chiki miki chiki miki jari sadhi Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Shibabrata Das)
        Mo sange lagna re mote tu chhun na re Akshaya Mohanty, Shipra Bose (Debdas Chhotray)
        E mayabini bana jochhana chhaya Md. Sikandar Alam, Nirmala Mishra (Parshuram Pattnaik)
        Dihudi jaluchhi Md. Sikandar Alam (Parshuram Pattnaik)
        Mari nele Mahapatre tu chahinchhu-re Balakrushna Dash (Kalicharan Pattanayak)
        Jajabara mana mora sima hina asha mora Akshaya Kumar Mohanty & Trupti Das
        Hay se harini akhi anila mote Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Fur-kina udi-galaa bani Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik
        Gadi chale pachhei asu asu Akshaya Mohanty, Trupti Das
        Danei Das kahere bhai… chamcha Akshaya Mohanty, Gita Pattnaik
        Naga fasa
        Trupti, Gita, Akshaya, Srikanta Das
        Je dinu paichhi mo priya Akshaya, Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Nadi fere sagaraku Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Natha, he natha Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Mo kola to jhulana Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Bada bedaradi Rajani Kanta Nayak
        Tik tik tik tik, ghanta chale Debdas Chhotray
        E rati pahiba Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Mana Udharana Balakrushna Dash, Vani Jayaram
        Jhili mili 1978: Akshaya Mohanty, S. Janaki
        Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Rati nisha bhara
        Ki shobha keli
        Saraga-ra fula ame
        Tiki chadhei-re
        Kis kis Kishore
        Chaka bhaunri
        Golapi othe Akshaya Kumar Mohanty &others (Sirshananda Das Kanungo)
        Kitiri kitiri Akshaya Mohanty, Mohd. Aziz (Sirshananda Das Kanungo)
        Smruti eka rupa janha Mohd. Aziz (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
        Akhi nahin kana nahin Mohd. Aziz , Anuradha (Debdas Chhotray)
        Jharana jharana Mohd. Aziz , Anuradha (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
        Kichhi loka dei jananti dukha Mohd. Aziz , Anuradha (Debdas Chhotray)
        Ta'poi (19  ) Sharat Pujari (Subodh Samal - Gouri Films - I)
        Aa baula bohu bohu-ka khela kheliba Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik (Binodini Debi)
        Kathatie kahun Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik (Binodini Debi)
        Bhinoi babu Gita Pattnaik,Akshaya Mohanty (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
        Sata daria pari re boita bhasi ja Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
        Baina, Chaina Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, Sujit (Akshaya Kumar Mohanty)
        Jaya ma Mangala Trupti Das, Gita Pattnaik, others (Binodini Debi)
        Nirimakhi kuanri Trupti Das (Binodini Debi)

        Nijhum ratira sathi (1978)
        Nijhum ratira sathi Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Nua ghara khandi dine puruna heba Dhananjay Satpathy & others
        Rakhal Mohanty
        Ghara sansara 1973
        Prabhu pada tale pranati dhale Bhikari Bala, Nirmala Mishra, Mina (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Sapana bilasi ame milana piasi Nirmala Mishra, Shyamal Mitra (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Subha bibaha baje re jodi mahuri Nirmala Mishra, Shipra Bose (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Gela basara-ra dina sari gala bhuli-ja Manna Dey (Brundabana Jena)
        Happy birthday ... hasi dele se mane madhu barashe Shyamal Mitra, others (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Rat sarabi prit gulabi jaubana dake a Shrabanti Majumdar (Brundabana Jena)
        Mo mana chhan chhan chhan re mu tora nan san re Akshaya Mohanty, Shipra Bose (Brundabana Jena)
        Amara prema (1977) Gopal Ghosh & Palash Banerjee (Umakanta Pattnaik - Chhayalipi - I)
        Ghumu ghumu ghumu-re para Bhikari Charana Bala
        Na mara na etiki minati sabu dosha mora Nirmala Mishra 
        (Brundabana Jena, Gaur pattnaik)

        Akshi Trutiya (1980)
        Ho bandhu-re asha tora maru marichika Pranab Kishor Pattanaik

        Radhakrushna Bhanja & Saroj Pattanaik
        Abhimana (May 27, 1977) Sadhu Meher (Ganesh Chandra Jiu & Saraswati Jiu - Ganesh Pictures - I) 
        Bhasa megha mu je bhasi jai dure Akshaya Kumar Mohanty (Shibabrata Das)
        Chik mik chik mik chik mik Swarupa Chakraborty (Jitendra pattnaik)
        Chupi chupi gori kane kahi jae mahuri Usha Mangeshkar, others (Jitendra pattnaik)
        Tume mora mun tuma-ra Rani Verma, others (Abhiram Paramahansa)
        Kahin gale bandhure, Radharani jhuri Ghanashyama Panda (Shibabrata Das)
        E ta gum sum rati mora chhana chhana chhati Swarupa Chakraborty (Shibabrata Das)

        Saroj Pattanaik
        Fula Chandana
        To bina lage na bhala kichhi Akshaya Kumar Mohanty 
        Dhananjaya Satpathy
        Rakta golapa (1977) M. Bhimeswar Rao (Banani Films -I)
        Mana-ra manisha jadi S. Janaki (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Mamatara madhumati sarami latika hai Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, S. Janaki (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        He Radha-Mohana S. Janaki (Gokulananda Parida)
        Akhire akhire Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, Ramola (Gokulananda Parida)
        Mana rasiare Pranab Kishor Pattanaik, Dhananjaya Satpathy, H.P.Geeta (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Bhola-re bhola Dhananjaya Satpathy, others (Gokulananda Parida)
        Upendra Kumar
        Dharitri 1973
        Swargadapi gariyasi janani ma Shyamal Mitra (Shibabrata Das)
        Prana natha naile ta jibana haribi Shipra Bose Banamali Das
        Pirati tora duru juhara atha kathi pari laguchhi Chitta Ranjan Jena, Shipra Bose (Brundabana Jena)
        Sapana-ra pathe pathe Mohd. Sikandar Alam (Shibabrata Das)
        Mohana he mohana mane pade se dina Nirmala Mishra (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Barambara dele parichaya Md. Sikandar Alam, Shipra Bose (Nanda Kishore Singh)
        Mana akasha 1974 [YouTube Odia Movie....'Mana Akasha' (1974) ]
        E bana jharana nachi nachi jaa na Chitta Jena, Md. Sikandar Alam, Punyaprabha Bahidar (Shibabrata Das)
        Mane mane bhabu tuhi S.G. Geeta (Shibabrata Das)
        Sathi-re ei baula S.G. Geeta, Md. Sikandar Alam (Guru Krishna Goswami)
        Chora chora priti S. Janaki (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Mora kanian suna panian Chitta Ranjan Jena, S. Janaki (Shibabrata Das)
        Bahuchhe hure huria dhuka futichhe ful Punyaprabha Bahidar, Mohini Mohan Ratha (Rahas Bihari Mishra)
        Singha bahini, shakti pradayini ma Bhikari Charana Bala, S. Janaki (Shibabrata Das)
        E mita a, mote lagena bhala S.G. Geeta (Shibabrata Das)
        Punarmilana 1977
        Bhaina Vani Jayram
        Jaha mun khojichhi taha mun paichhi H.P.Geeta, Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Asa baula lo asa sangata Sumitra, K.Swarna, others
        He mora manasi Md. Sikandar Alam, Vidyarani
        Bandhu-re e jibane sabu ghatai Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Mun rickshaw-bala Md. Sikandar Alam
        Raghunath Mishra
        E nuhen kahani 1977
        E Nuhne Kahani Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Kichhi au kuhana S. Janaki, Md. Sikandar Alam
        Daku-chhi rahi rahi H.P. Geeta, others
        Suna bhauja ago S. Janaki
        Pyar mohabat Md. Sikandar Alam, others
        Mo ganthi-dhana S. Janaki, Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Shibabrata Das
        Paribara 1978
        S. Janaki, H.P.Geeta, Md. SikandarAlam, Pranab Pattanaik
        Purila asha mora Narayan Prasad Singh
        Hati jhulu-thae Brundabana Jena
        Sajani kahu-chhi muhin Brundabana Jena
        Mili mishi thile Narayan Prasad Singh
        Eka au eka mishi Brundabana Jena
        Ma’lo mahima-mayi Brundabana Jena
        Kula chandrama
        Pranab Pattanaik,Vani Jayram, H.P.Geeta, S. Janaki, Salan
        He pashe mo
        Atmiya swajana
        Rati pahi thile
        To katha mo katha
        Tu ei kula chandrama
        Mu Kali, Karali 
        Brundabana Jena

        Pipasa (1978)
        Jibana jamuna nai Rai helu bai Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Narayan Prasad Singh)
        Madhu jhara fula bane Pranab Kishor Pattanaik, P. Sushila (Narayan Prasad Singh)

        E grama-ra chasha bhai Pranab Kishor Pattanaik

        Alibha daga (1980) 
        Aha ki badhia jodi tora mora Pranab Kishore Pattnaik & Vani Jayaram
        Prafulla Kumar Kar
        Mamata 1975
        Re atman nidra parihari Pranab Kishor Pattanaik Madhusudan Rao
        Aa-re mita aa sangata Md.SikandarAlam, Pranab Pattanaik Shibabrata Das
        Shyama-ku juhara, tara prema-ku juhara P. Sushila, Pranab Kishor Pattanaik Shibabrata Das
        Dam dam dam…Bhanga Prafulla Kumar Kar, others Shibabrata Das
        Mun-ta manisha mari-ni Mohd. Sikandar Alam, others Shibabrata Das
        Dekhi se bana malli Chitta Ranjan Jena, P. Sushila Shibabrata Das
        He faguna P. Sushila Shibabrata Das
        He mora babu Mohd. Sikandar Alam Chitta Ranjan Jena, P. Sushila Shibabrata Das
        Bati ghara 1976
        Seema-hina daria sathi-hina dunia Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Hay-re mote kalia naga dansi dela-re
        Kara kshama-re
        Sesha srabana 1976
        Hay-re-hay garaje megha
        Megha barashi-la
        Kali kapali
        Majhi-re majhi-re Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Sindura bindu 1976
        Jaubana-ru aparadha tahin-ru jata Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Keun nama dhari daki-bu tuma-ku Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Tuma sadhira ranga Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Adine malli mahaka Vani Jayaram, Sudharam & Chorus Shibabrata Das
        Mo priya tharu kie adhika sundara
        Na ja Radhika eka eka mana go Raghunath Panigrahi
        Mukti 1977
        Barijakshi mana-ru mana maride-re Vani Jayram & Sudha (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Nacha nacha sajani nacha re Raghunath Panigrahi (Shibabrata Das)
        Jogi-re khoju kahin Vani Jayram (Shibabrata Das)
        Eka deshe thile Mohd. Sikandar Alam (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Mukunda Murari Vani Jayram, Sudha, Prafulla Kar (Shibabrata Das)
        Badhila jani kshama Prafulla Kumar Kar (Baladeba Ratha)
        Bandhu Mahanty 1977
        Kahin-gale Shayama-ghana e ghana Chitta Ranjan Jena (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Na-ja sajani Chitta Ranjan Jena, Vani Jayram (Gokulananda Parida)
        Chhada citta-chora Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Ja-ja ja-re nagara S. Janaki (Brundabana Jena)
        Ma-go mamata-mayi Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Maha-bahu Prafulla Kumar Kar (Gaurahari)
        Namaste prabhu [x 3] Prafulla Kumar Kar (Jagannatha Das)
        Sati anasuya
        Ei jhia-tira pada tala-mala Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Priya nayane nayana Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Kuhu kuhu, bane kuhu kuhu Vani Jayram, Subash Dash (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Jaya jaya deba hare Chitta Ranjan Jena (Lokanatha Pattanayak)
        Prati pade Prafulla Kumar Kar (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Bhagya mora Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Na pahu rati Vani Jayram (Soubhagya Chandra Das)
        He Naga-deba Vani Jayram (Prafulla Kumar Kar)
        Rksha-kara Vani Jayram (Soubhagya Chandra Das)
        Sarba-kala Vani Jayram (Soubhagya Chandra Das)

        Nei-ja-re megha mote
        Tikx3, tikx3 hue mo chhati

        Ram Balaram
        Mana-re bhuli-ja e bandhana Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Mo mana ra chadhei 
        Ho Khiali janha

        J. Adeni 
        Nida bhara rati madhu jhara janha Pranab Kishor Pattanaik, Nirmal Mishra
        Nupura kahinki bandhili
        Kahana, au ta katha kahana
        Radha Madhaba He
        Bhikari Bal J Adeni
        Chetana-ra rupa-kara

        Pujarini (1984)
        Kichhi nuhen tora kichhi nuhen mora Manna Dey

        Samar Salim Simon (1978)
        Hrudaya-ra ei shunyata-ku Sekhar Ghosh (Nizam)

        Basudeb Rath
        Sautuni (1979)
        Emiti rati se je abhula smruti Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Rupasi rani go mora nila janha Pranab Kishor Pattanaik (Surendra Bidyadhar)
        Kau dhana khaila boli mailu mote Tansen Singh, S. Janaki
        Gori dekhili kali dekhili Tansen Singh

        Sakhi Gopinatha (197 )
        Jamuna jaa-na jaa-na Jamuna kadamba Manna Dey
        E ki bichara ahe Narayana Pranab Kishor Pattanaik

        Jay ma Mangala (1980)
        Aji e mana chhana chhana tanu-re S. Janaki
        Pirati chori chori khela

        Arati (1981)
        Ma tume jagata-ra saha bharasa Pranab Kishor Pattanaik
        Asichhi mun bagha raja Manna Dey

        [Updated: Oct 28, 2014]
        Ei priti fula jhara pathe tuma sathi hoi
        Nithura bihi-re ... Eka Radha Shyama
        Jane Radha jane Meera
        Mun ta thili ekutia baanra pakhi
        E dunia buku-re
        Jhumi jhumi jauchi mana
        Tume hin swarga mora

        Mun pau nathili saha tame
        Mana-ra desha-re prema-ra sahara
        Katha ta etiki tume mo pain
        Ei jhuma jhuma golapi bela-re 
        Arati Mukherjee, Hariharan [Abhilasha]
        Chagala pabana chagala
        Madhu jamini nache tale tale 
        Subarna Sita
        Kacha kantha-ra epakhe mun Subarna Sita

        Jibana eka nataka ame tara kalakara Hira Moti Manika Singer: Pranab Kishore Patnaik
        Jibanara mane khoji mun paichi Tike hasa tike luha Singer: Pranab Kishore Patnaik
        Sei dipa achhi sei fula achhi Swapna Sagara Singer: Akshaya Kumar Mohanty
        Mamata-ra fula ma nahin tara Ma o mamata Singer: Akshaya Kumar Mohanty Music: Bhuban
        E ghara e agana e danda duara Jahaku Rakhibe Ananta Singers: Anuradha & Manhar 
        Udi-jae pakhi basa bandhi-baku Film: Para jhia ghara bhangena (1985) Singer: Ghanashyam Panda Music: Devi Shakti
        Michha maya bhara Film: Suna sansara (1978)  
        Singer: Arjun Charan Samal Music : Sunakar Sahu & Arjun Charan Samal Lyrics: Nishakar Behera 
        Dekha dekha rasika dekha [Janmadata]
        Katha dia matha chhuin Mamatara dori
        Sathi-re ... smruti eka rupa janha
        Chhapi chhapi basanti rati tara smruti puni ane 
        Akshaya Kumar Mohanty  [Bhagya-Dubbed]
        Mate bhuli-Ja-re rana tote-re 
        Akshaya Kumar Mohanty [Bhagya-Dubbed]

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