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Re atman nidra parihari Pranab Kishor Pattanaik Madhusudan Rao
Aa-re mita aa sangata Md.SikandarAlam, Pranab Pattanaik Shibabrata Das
Shyama-ku juhara, tara prema-ku juhara P. Sushila, Pranab Kishor Pattanaik Shibabrata Das
Dam dam dam…Bhanga Prafulla Kumar Kar, others Shibabrata Das
Mun-ta manisha mari-ni Mohd. Sikandar Alam, others Shibabrata Das
Dekhi se bana malli Chitta Ranjan Jena, P. Sushila Shibabrata Das
He faguna P. Sushila Shibabrata Das
He mora babu Mohd. Sikandar Alam Chitta Ranjan Jena, P. Sushila Shibabrata Das


Directed by: Byomakesh Tripathy
Produced by: Prafulla Misra, Prashant Nanda
Production Co: Pee Kay Productions
Music: Prafulla Kar
Lyrics: Prafulla Kar
Cast: Sujata Anand, Asima, Bhanumati, Dhira Biswal, Dinabandhu, Suresh Mahapatra, Prashant Nanda, Radha Panda
Genre: Social, Drama
Plot: Mohan marries Chitra and they care for Mohan’s brother Ramu. Mohan dies and Chitra falls in love with Ramu.
  • Re Aatman Nidra Parihari (Singer: Pranab Patnaik) (Lyrics: Bhakta Kabi Madhusudan Rao)
  • Aa Re Mita Aa Sangata (Singers: Pranab Patnaik, Sikandar Alam)
  • Dekhi Se Bana Malli (Singers: Chitta Jena, S. Janaki)
  • He Bhai He Bhai He (Singer: Prafulla Kar)
  • He Mora Babu He (Singers: Sikandar Alam, Chitta Jena, P. Sushila)
  • He Phaguna Kandana Re (Singer: P. Sushila)
  • Mun Ta Manisha Marini (Singer: Sikandar Alam)
Reference: IMDBOdia Music
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