Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunya swarupa

Sunya swarupa

Shunya Swaroopa

Still from the movie Shunya Swaroopa
Still from the movie Shunya Swaroopa
Directed by: Himansu Shekhar Khatua
Produced by: Alay Kumar Mohanty 
Screenplay: Prabhat Kumar Parida
Editing: Prashant Kumar Naik
Art: Amiya Moharana
Cinematography: Sudheer Palsane
Audiography: Manas Ranjan Choudhury 
Music: B. V. Karanth
Cast: Bikash Das, Laxmi Devi, Choudhury Jayaprakash Das, Aparajita Mohanty, Jaya Swami, Surya Mohanty, Sharat Pujari, Master Linku
Genre: Drama

Note: Made with a budget of Rs. 6,525,000.

Plot: Bikas is monk who has been living in a ashram for twelve years. His guru and he set out on a journey to the outside world.

Old Odia movie

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