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Ghara mora swarga

Ghara mora swarga

Ghara Mora Swarga

Ghara Mora Swarga Video Artwork
Ghara Mora Swarga Video Artwork
Released on: 05 March 1992
Lyrics, Music, Story, Screenplay, Direction & Produced by: Arun Mohanty
Production Co: Gadachandi Films
Dialogues: Dr. Subodh Pattnaik
Camera: Shamba
Art: Sudarshan Sahoo
Action: Mohan Pujari
Editing: Ravi Pattnaik
Choreography: Anthony
Costumes: Gagan
Makeup: Samaresh
Stills: Shantanu Mishra
Singers: Tansen Singh, Geeta Dash, Md. Abid, Isha Bebarta, Sagarika Pattnaik
Cast: Shriram Panda, Bijay Mohanty, Hara Pattnaik, Mihir Das, Shrabanti Bose, Niharika, Braja Singh, Asit Pati, Banku, Dukhiram Swain, Jayaram Samal (Jayee), etc.
Genre: Family, Drama

Note: Arun Mohanty recorded the songs at then newly opened JE Studio with the help of engineer Sitaram Agrawal.

Old odia movie

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