Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bhinna samaya

Bhinna samaya

Bhinna Samaya

Still from Bhinna Samaya
Still from the movie Bhinna Samaya


Produced by: Shankar Gope
Screenplay & Direction: Manmohan Mahapatra
Written by: Manmohan Mahapatra 
Art: Manmohan Mahapatra
Cinematography: Jehangir Choudhury 
Sound: Nagen Barik
Editing: Rabi Patnaik
Music: Shantanu Mohapatra
Cast: Saroj Patnaik, Sachidananda Rath
Genre: Social, Drama

  • National Film Awards - Best Regional Film - Odia (Silver Lotus)

Plot: Arindam is trying to uphold his ideals in a changing world... He then asks himself, "Where am I going? At this speed, how far can i go?"

Reference: 40th National Film Awards

Old Odia movie

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