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Kala Manika

Kala Manika

Kala Manika

Released on:
Screenplay & Direction: 
Produced by: Braja Pradhan
Production Co: S. K. Arts
Cast: Siddhant Mohapatra, Anita Das, Jayaram Samal (Jayee)\', etc.
Genre: Family, Drama
  • Nua Hoi Bohu Tie (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Aakhi Bhula (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Jaa Jaa Tu Na Jaa (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Kuaanra Punei Janhha Lo (Singer(s): Unknown)

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Year 1997

Kala Manika

Released on: 09 January 1997
Screenplay & Direction: Basant Sahoo
Produced by: Bishwanath Pradhan
Production Co: Pradhan Productions
Story: Braja Kishore Pradhan
Dialogues: Bijay Mishra
Editing: Deben Mishra
Art: Satyananda Nayak (Manu)
Action: Judo Ramu
Cinematography: Samba Shiva Rao
Choreography: Mastan
Costumes: Jogi Sena
Make-up: Khirod Panda
Music: Swaroop Naik
Lyrics: Swaroop Naik, Sachhi Mohanty, Purnendu Das Mohapatra
Singers: Ghanashyam Panda, T. Shouri, Shrikant Das, Geeta Dash, Ira Mohanty, Payal Panda
Cast: Uttam Mohanty, Aparajita Mohanty, Sidhant Mohapatra, Shrilekha, Mihir Das, Kshanaprabha Sadangi, Jayaram Samal (Jayee), Mita Chakraborty, Braja Singh, Swaroop Naik, Baby Shweta, etc.
Genre: Family, Drama

Note: Made with a budget of Rs. 8,275,000.

Plot: Unavailable

  • Nua Hoi Bohutie (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Ja Ja Tu Naja (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Kuanra Punei Janha (Singer(s): Unknown)
  • Aakhi Bhula (Singer(s): Unknown)
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