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Indra dhanura chhai

Indra dhanura chhai1994

Indradhanura Chhai

Still from Indradhanura Chhai
Still from Indradhanura Chhai[/caption]
Produced by: Odisha Film Development Corporation, Jugala Debata
Directed by: Sushant Mishra
Distributed by: Visual Link Pvt. Ltd.
Story & Screenplay: Sushant Mishra
Art: Asim Basu
Dialogues: Devdas Chhotray
Cinematography: Jugala Debata
Audiography: Himanshu Shekhar Khatua
Editing: Chakradhar Sahu
Music: Vikash Das

  • Rabin Das as Pratap
  • Surya Mohanty as Sales Representive
  • Sonia Mohapatra as Sonia
  • Bijainee Mishra as Bijaya
  • Deba Das as Deba
  • Muktabala Rautray as Widow
  • Anjana Chowdhury

Genre: Social, Drama

Note: Indradhanura Chhai reflects the traditional structures of social and family life of a small town in India are growing strongly affected by the progressive urbanization of the country.
Plot: Bijaya, a young widow, stays as a tenant with a few families in an old mansion in the ever-changing town of Bhubaneswar.
Reference: 41st National Film AwardsWikipediaIMDB

Old Odia movie

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