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Thakura achhanti chau bahaku

Thakura achhanti chau bahaku

Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku

Still from Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku
Still from Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku

Released on: 02 December 1990
Screenplay & Direction: D. Vijay Bhaskar
Asst. Director: Bishwambar Das
Produced by: Mishra Brothers
Production Co: Tirumala Pictures
Story: Bishwanath Mishra
Dialogues: Ramesh Panigrahi
Still from Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku
Still from Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku

Editing:Anil Malad
Art:Budha Moharana
Costumes: Subash
Stills: Yousuf
Music: Akshaya Mohanty
Music: Akshaya Mohanty, Shirshananda Das Kanungo, Dillip Mishra, Tutu Mishra
Singers: Bibhu Das, Geeta Das, Subas Das, Md. Abid
Cast: Bijay Mohanty, Uttam Mohanty, Shanti Swaroop, Ranjeeta Kaur, Akshaya Mohanty (Kashyap), Debu Bose, Premanjan Parida, Dr. Anang Dwivedi, Gloria Mohanty, Pramod Rath, Shrikrushna Samal, Saraswati, Suresh Bala (Banku), Braja Singh, Jayiram Samal, Sadhana Das (Runu), Tushar Panigrahi
Genre: Revenge, Drama
Note: Made with abudget of Rs. 5,575,000.
Plot: Unavailable
  • Jibanata Nuhen Khela (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Paradesi Bandhu Tume (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Mun Bina Bandhukar Guli (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Khola Kholi Prema Hoe Jaau (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Tuma Paain Mun Aaau Mo Paain (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Na Maagibi Paain Gali Baaha Baahare (Singer: Unavailable)
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