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  1. Bhukha or Bhookha is a 1989 Kosli language film directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra. The movie was produced by Mohapatra under the banner of Kumar Productions and had music by Ramesh Kumar Mahananda. Wikipedia


Produced & Directed by: Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Production Co: Kumar Productions
Music: Ramesh Kumar Mahananda
Cast: Sarat Pujari, Sadhu Meher, Bijaya Pujari, Swati Roy, Chitta Pattnaik, Mantu Mahapatra
Genre: Social, Drama
Note: This is the first movie made in Sambalpuri / Koshali language.
Plot: This film portrays the plight of the Bajnias or folk drummers of the Koshal (Western Odisha) region and focuses on the effects of modern culture on tribal and folk culture.This movie has showcased the music, culture and tradition of the Koshal region. Heart touching matter shown in this movie is how the rich people in the society exploit the poor.
  • Aarati Taarini Go Asta Udaya Arate Je Chinte (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Malli Phuti Mahakila Ranga Rasiaa Ke (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Phatai Khaili Bella Kukila Re (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Subha Lagane Bara Kale Gamana Ho (Singer: Unavailable)
Awards & Nominations:
  • International Jury Award at Gijon International Film Festival, Spain, 1990
  • Selected for World Rural Film Festival, Aurrilac, France
  • State Film Awards: Jury Award – Sabyasachi Mohapatra

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rahul kumar

1 year ago  ·  Shared publicly 
One of great movie of the world
One of our odia classics. Now the other movie by the same director "Sala budha" is selected in Indian Panorama
Thanks Saket for uploading. Agyan mane, ee film ke saan suru nai bhabun, film ra sabu jagare Kosli chhap achhe. Jai Kosal
Really, one of the best film ,,,,,,,jaikosal
the only source for writing on Bhukha...

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    This film own the national award for the situation based film.
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