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Andha diganta

Andha diganta

Andha Diganta

Still from Andha Diganta
Still from Andha Diganta

Directed by: Manmohan Mahapatra
Produced by: Vox Visuals Pvt. Ltd
Story: Surendra Mohanty
Screenplay: Manmohan Mahapatra, Prakash Patra
Dialogues: Prakash Patra
Camera: Dilip Roy
Editing: Rabi Patnaik
Art: Banchhanidhi Patnaik, Bhagabata Nayak
Sound: Niranjan Barik, C. Prasad, M. Nathan
Music: Ajay Ghosh
Cast: Jaya Swami, Arun Nanda, Sarat Pujari, Manimala, Pushpa Panda, Jay Rath, Madhu Kar, Sachitananda, Amiya
Genre: Social, Drama
Note: Also known as The Blind Horizon.
Plot: Shankar makes a living toiling in the paddy fields of the zamindar Narayan Chowdhury. When his wife dies suddenly, he goes away to the town, only to come back with a new wife Radha. Radha, as everyone soon knows in the village, is a woman with adubious past and a child, Ratan, by an earlier marriage. Shankar and Radha find themselves under pressure from all sides. The villagers resent Radha’s presence and worry that she will give them a bad name. The zamindar and his manager lust after her. Radha, determined to lead a normal existence with her husband, refuses all advances and only manages to anger Narayan Chowdhury. Poverty and harassment lead the couple to finally leave the village in search of better employment. But they leave with the hope of making a future for themselves against all odds.
  • National Film Awards – Best Regional Film – Odia (Silver Lotus)
Reference: Odia Chalachitra Ra Agyat Adhyaya by Bhim Singh,37th National Film AwardsIMDB
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