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Ma mate shakti de

Ma mate shakti de


Aug 17, 2010 - Uploaded by dreamshakti
Classic and rare Odia Bhajan collection Film - Maa Mate Shakti De (1990) With best wishes, Shakti JNU ...

Maa Mate Shakti De

Released on: 11 January 1990
Screenplay & Direction: Samson Lima
Produced by: Sunderlal Dugger
Production Co: R. D. Productions
Story & Screenplay: Lalit Nanda
Camera: Dilip Ray
Editing: A. Sanjeevi
Choreography: B. H. Tharun Kumar
Action: Samson Lima
Art: Nikhil Baran Sengupta
Lyrics & Dialoges: Nizam
Music: Mushir
Cast: Nihar Samal, Baishali Parida, Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Roy, Dukhiram Swain, Hara Patnaik, Kanta Singh, Jayiram Samal, Braja Singh, Isha Bebarta, Suresh Bala (Banku), Tushar Panigrahi, Debu Bose, Geeta Rao
Genre: Social, Drama
Note: The director of this film Samson Lima was a renowed action director who composed action scenes in many Odia movies. He met with an accident and died before release of his first directorial venture. Later Lalit Nanda taken incharge of the film and finished it.
Plot: Unavailable
  • Maa Go Karuchi Etiki Guhari (Singer: Unavailable)
Videos:Reference: Odia Chalachitra Ra Agyat Adhyaya by Bhim Singh
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