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Mamatara dori

Mamatara dori

Mamatara Dori

Released on: 03 March 1989
Screenplay & Direction: Mohd. Mohsin
Produced by: A. Ahad
Production Co: Heera Productions
Story: P. D. Mehra
Screenplay: Jagmohan Kapoor
Dialogues: Dr. Subodh Pattnaik
Camera: Dlip Ray
Editing: Mukhtar Ahmed
Sound: Nagen Barik
Art: Budha Moharana
Action: Ram Shetty
Stills: Yousuf
Costumes: Nirmal
Choreography: B. H. Tharun Kumar
Lyrics: Akshaya Mohanty
Music: Akshaya Mohanty
Singers: Mohd. Aziz, Anuradha Poudwal, Akshaya Mohanty
  • Sujata Anand as Yashoda
  • Debu Bose as Jailor
  • Ajit Das as Chandra
  • Hemant Das as Sanatan
  • Munna Khan as Kanhai
  • Koili as Rekha
  • Aparajita Mohanty
  • Bijay Mohanty as Parsuram
  • Mohd. Mohsin as Anthony
  • Shriram Panda as Balaram
  • Tandra Roy as Devaki
  • Jayiram Samal as Natabar
  • Isha Bebarta
  • Anita Das
  • Debu Bose
  • Akshaya Mohanty (Singer) in Guest Appearance
Genre: Revenge, Drama, Musical
Note: This is a commercially successful musical hit film.
Plot: Sanatan (Hemant Das) Fixed the marriage of his daughter Devaki (Tandra Roy) with Parsuram (Bijay Mohanty). But due to Parsuram’s ill intentions and bad behavior, the marriage doesn’t take place. Parsuram plan to take revenge and eventually kills Devaki’s husband.
  • Besura Lokaku (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Dhana Mora Dhana Mora (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Dunia Jitiba Jail (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Katha Dia Matha Chhuin (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Se Kahe Maa Kali (Singer: Unavailable)
  • Tumari Duaru Khali Hata (Singer: Unavailable)
Reference: Odia Chalachitra Ra Agyat Adhyaya by Bhim Singh, IMDBFullOrissa.com

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