Friday, October 1, 2010

Manoj Das Gupta is the latest to join the anti-book bandwagon

[When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? - John Maynard Keynes]
I am not surprised at all. Paulette, inspite of all the flowery and decorative-emotional language on all the senior sadhaks, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, will not bat an eyelid when it comes... Continue >>
Why does Das Gupta lack "legitimacy and the moral staff"? Who has more legitimacy? The hyper-inflated protégé of the inflated Madhav Pandit?
In what way can the Asram trust disassociate from the book now? What are the legal ways and the more popular ways? There is already a print in America. Would it like to issue an official refutation... Continue >>
Your comments if studied over a period of time reflect your penchant for appearing objective and fair while leaving a backdoor for escape. Essentially you go with the weather. it not the royalty but... Continue >>
Paid or not paid is not the point. Your comment smacks of the ambivalent attitude which appears to dole out generous helpings of fair dealings without an equally rigorous asssessment of the damage... Continue >>
Heehs has done a remarkable job of falsification of the fact of the supramental advent on earth through the work and mission of Sri Aurobindo by a factoidal collage of his own collossal ignorance... Continue >>
Their black magic is not worth a rat's excrement! Their threats show the abyss of "infrarationality" in which they are trapped and without benefit of awareness of this fact.
"It is probable that under the pressure of certain Leftist rationalists, the Ashram is continuing its support for the book."This insinuates that those who support the book are "leftist... Continue >>
Manoj Das Gupta is the latest to join the anti-book bandwagon, and you may address your request to him for an authorized explanation. [TNM]
The most beautiful post I have read so far on this forum, and perhaps the only one that is truly worth reading.
A.A.D,Thanks for calling a spade a "spade"! I wish I could return anonymous' compliment that I make the most sense when I am silent. But, unfortunately, I can't. He is a seething... Continue >>
I would like to add that in pp.358-359 of his book, Peter quotes Sen Gupta's testimony, based on his visit to the Ashram, that "ugly rumors", presumably about Aurobindo and Mirra, were... Continue >>
What a joke!!! This Anonymous (who posted at 11:21 PM, September 28, 2010) is asking other anonymous authors to stop posting anonymous messages!!! Who is it that really needs to be confined to a... Continue >>
A person who can communicate rationally on the issues has no need for the cloak of anonymity. But you seem to desperately need this cloak of anonymity. So, you cannot communicate rationally. (Q.E.D.)

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