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Many like myself do not believe in attacking Peter Heehs personally

Suresh Gupta wrote... Sir, This is a worthy work. The excellent website devoted to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. There is clear cut reflection of connection in the Inner Being and the Psychic link leading to... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... You are free to search on any topic and read the original writings of The Mother, Sri Aurobindo and their direct disciples by visiting the Sri Aurobindo Ashram website at... Continue >>
AUM I am indeed deeply impressed with the views and writings of Sri Aurobindo Ji. His address on the AIR on 15 Aug 1947 was widely appreciated. May I request you to please have me the original... Continue >>
S.P. Dilawari wrote... It is nice to see the details of the activities being held at Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, Noida. The Meditation Hall and Samadhi pvovide an opportunity to have peace and gody vibrations.
Harish Kumar wrote... Aurobindo writes:"Krishna, Buddha and Kalki depict the last three stages, the stages of the spiritual development – Krishna opens the possibility of overmind, Buddha tries to shoot beyond to the... Continue >>
Harish Kumar wrote... Aurobindo defined an Avatar as one who does evolutionary work. He brings in a new type of consciousness into the earth plane. It is on this basis he accepts Rama and Krishna as Avatars. Rama brought... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... hello sir thank you sir for the support from your side to get the desired things. i am happy enough. with regards
Anonymous wrote... Hi, It is very touching & interesting to read about what you have expressed. I can only pray, that, the Lord may remove all the confusion and let the light of wisdom shine forth. (also, as far as I... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Hello Sir, Thanks for the Darshan day clip. You are at valuable service to THEE...With loving regards, Hemang Vyas Mumbai.
V wrote... S, There are also many like myself who may be disappointed by PH's book, but do not believe that attacking him personally, or signing petitions, or getting him thrown out of the Ashram, or using this... Continue >>
Paul Maurice Martin wrote... William James, in his classic The Varieties of Religious Experience (it really is a classic - that word gets misused a lot today, but though written in the early 20th c. is still required reading at... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Somewhere I read that some Sadhak from Pondicherry has recommended not to undergo therapies like Reiki because the person undergoing the treatment allows the vital force of the practitioner to work... Continue >>
Aju Mukhopadhyay wrote... This is already a good collection on Samadhi though - is the last poem on the Samadhi we target? It may fit in everywhere- a nice poem otherwise.
Krinda wrote... I am sure in my heart that Liam lived a very rich, full life. My thoughts go out to his Robert. Love and peace, Susie
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... You may file short reports on present activities in and around the Kendra. Thanks. [TNM]
BHANUPRATAP wrote... Mr. Mohapatra, We are verry much gratefull to you for your effort to highlight our centre in PLAIN AND SIMPLE heading. This is the second time our centre has came in PLAIN AND SIMPLE. With all best... Continue >>
Viki wrote... Thank you....very much.....
Anonymous wrote... How about some recent links on this project...
sfauthor wrote... Nice posting. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?
Balakumar wrote... Can you please send me the address of the Sri Aurobindo Spiritual Centre of Toronto ? Thanks
rchmura wrote... GoStats is much better than statcounter :)
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... Thanks for visiting. As a poet, you are already a senator of the world, or the universe perhaps. And that is collaboration. 
It's so nice for me to have found this blog of yours, it's so interesting. I sure hope and wish that you take courage enough to pay me a visit in my PALAVROSSAVRVS REX! and plus get some surprise.... Continue >>
Suresh Chand Gupta wrote... The details are informative and paints the true picture of that time. This is the Divine vision with which The Mother has communicated in the matter. REGARDS
Anonymous wrote... This article is indicative of the sloppy thinking and cultural illiteracy of those on the "right" of the USA culture wars. And the screams of VICTIM, VICTIM, VICTIM that (mis)-informs their endless... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Such is a minimal insight. With very rare exception everyone, including thick skinned adolescent "thinkers" such as Klaus, is little more than an unconscious robotic sleep-walker with every dimension... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... All human beings, whether male of female, yearn for the radiant company of the true god man or woman.When such heart recognition is made then the true god-man or woman will be surrounded by his/her... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... But what if what are now erroneously called "free" markets are the source of the current breakdown of Civilization altogether. And even terrorism too, as terrorism is the inevitable result of a... Continue >>
Zodiac Astrology wrote... This is another excellent post I liked. I have linked this post at
Zodiac Astrology wrote... This is an excellent post and acknowledged as such. I have linked this post at G Kumar
Robert E. Wilkinson wrote... Reply to David Frawley’s “Call for the Intellectual Kshatriya”By Robert E. WilkinsonTo persons of knowledge, David Frawley’s 1. Call for India’s Rebirth is an unfortunate misrepresentation of the... Continue >>
The trouble is, is that we dont live in "concrete" time and space any more.We "live" in a "world" of brain created verbal abstractions which is completely indifferent to, and systematically... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... If the said author believes in a "natural" social "order" then why is he in love with his gun?He obviously doesnt have much faith in his fellow "free" citizens to create or live in a "natural... Continue >>
I rescued from cassette this talk that Marshall McLuhan gave at Johns Hopkins University in the mid 1970s. I have not found an audio file of this talk anywhere online. So far as I know it's an... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Everything that the "maverick" writes is half-baked--a dramatization of his psychosis.
Mark David Gerson wrote... "The muse is the living voice, as each of us experiences it, of intuition."Beautiful...and very much the theme of my book, The Voice of the Muse; Answering the Call to Write. So wonderful... Continue >>
MANU wrote... All the books of Nisargadatta Maharaj is available for free download here : All the main books, some of the books based on the main books, some traditional scriptures often... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... There is no vertical in the timeless state. No up or down.
Anonymous wrote... Unless it is spoken by, and thus empowered by a Realizer, all language and discourses are mere double-minded propaganda with the "I" as its center pole. And which always act as a protective hedge... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... And what is City Journal anyhow?It is an unabashed apologist and booster for all the "individual" and collective psycho-pathologies described by Lewis Mumford in The Pentagon of Power and... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... What a hoot, a stark raving mad psychotic war-monger talking and writing about the "virtue" of a classical education.
Roshan wrote... Tusar, Thanks for the links to these books. I was very fortunate to read the "the Legs of the Tortoise" and I an attest to the marvellous pennship of the Authoress. All these books are unfortunately... Continue >>
R. Prashant wrote... 1857 rare picture collection Dear Friend Please go through my blog on 1857 rare picture collection on first war of indepedance comment me R. Prashant
one often comes hereas thirst is quenched and no more words are needed to say
Debabrata Ghosh wrote... "Let a million freedom-flowers bloomLet us sing in a billion strong tonguesMay we unite in our aspirationsTo build the one Gnostic community." YES. But it is not possible for a thinker or dreamer -who... Continue >>
Tuhto wrote... And I will give my hand for you. Reach out and grab it. Trust. Trust, because our existence is based on the goodness inside of us. And the existence of everything is owed to our (mental) evolution.So... Continue >>
Oh the blessings are forever Pure joy and honest truthpour from your mind and heartI certainly belong
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... Thanks Chaki babu and thanks RRP. There are poems too in Oriya which I hope to post in Roman sometime.
RRP wrote... I just loved your poems. Poets are a rarity now a days. Do you write in Oriya also?
Anonymous wrote... I come and go I come and go, Unseen and unknown, for having a touch of your mind and heart, of your soul, as beyond Time and Space, at the Omega Point, we have met and we are One, and we are on the... Continue >>
When you throw tantrums And I take umbrage We forget it’s churlish To crib and quibble about. i like this part..
Anonymous wrote... Sad to see that not a single Indian made your list, many of whom arguably scaled loftier heights than some of you that you mention. Whatever happened to S Radhakrishnan or Gandhi, even if you can't... Continue >>
tamiljunction wrote... Hi Let's come together on to bring all the Tamil souls unite on one platform and find Tamil friends worldwide to share our thoughts and create a common bond. Let's also... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... A difficult question. Better you discover it yourself from different sources instead of being prejudiced by any ready made answer.
Just want to know what sort of occultism was followed by MOTHER... please do let me know at Any articles on subject be sent to. thanks...just be Jugnu
Sunil wrote... Great post...
Anonymous wrote... Another apologist for capitalism and the Pentagon death machine and its world wide "culture" of death complaining about the disintegration and degradation of art.
Anonymous wrote... When is a cabbage not a cabbage? When it has been genetically modified (perhaps with a gene from a Skunk---to drive away pests), and thus patented and thus owned by one of the corporations that... Continue >>
What a hoot. A journal which is an unabashed apologist for global capitalism, or more accurately the western anti-"culture" of death, publishing an article lamenting the decline of religion.Western... Continue >>
John wrote... Unfortunately, despite claims to the contary, the "church" is very ambivalent towards Beauty and incarnate happiness---hostile towards it in fact.Please check out these two related references re that... Continue >>
mishi wrote... Dear Editor, I'm happy to see that my photo of a building by Padamashree Laurie Baker being published in you esteemed new paper, that too in editorial page. Same time it is really saddening to see... Continue >>
E.Armanious wrote... hello...what is my essay doing here?? E.Armanious -
Anonymous wrote... Phone number- School for perfect eyesight 04132233659
Anonymous wrote... Phone number- School for perfect eyesight 04132233659
alka wrote... i also feel these exercises wud work,so am planning 2 visit pondicherry 2. donno how safe the place is.

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