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Prithwi Singh Nahar, Mukul Dey, and Dilip Kumar Roy

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Congratulations for an excellent work on Prithwi Singh Nahar. My grandfather was Mukul Dey, and in his Visitors Book I saw several visits of Prithwi Singh Nahar recorded. I take this opportunity to encourage you to write many such well-researched articles. Thank you


from Anurag Banerjee to date 30 Jan 2009 01:06 subject Biography of Dilip Kumar Roy for the Mother's Lasso
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,

Hope my mail finds you in the best of your health. I'm enclosing with this mail the biography of Dilip Kumar Roy for the Mother's Lasso. Please be kind enough to publish it if you find it worthy.
I'll send the photographs in my next mail to you.
With profound regards, Anurag


from "Robert E. Wilkinson" to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 31 Jan 2009 00:56 subject The Question of Alignment
Namaste Tusar,

I am enclosing a new article by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet that goes into the cosmological connection between The Mother's original Temple plan and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Both have to do with certain evolutionary effects of the Earth's Axial tilt of 23 degrees. It also deals with the much ballyhooed importance of 2012 as a critical turning point in the Earth's transformation. I think your readers will find this an interesting piece.
Best regards, Robert

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